IDLE(Integrated Development and Learning Environment) is an integrated development environment made for python. It is an IDE for python for writing code. There are a lot of other IDEs you can use, but IDLE is very basic and contains only the essential and basic elements you need in an IDE, making it the right choice for people new to programming.

Python IDLE comes in with Python installations on Mac and Windows, but you have to install it on Linux, and you can do this using apt install .

Python programs can be made using any text editor, but they must be saved using .py extensions. Python IDLE has this feature where you can write and save your code easily.

How to use the Python IDLE :-

Using python IDLE is very easy. You just have to search for IDLE on windows and click on the icon, and it will start, and you will see a shell. The default mode of working for IDLE is the shell.


You can start writing the first code with ease. Let us print out "I am using IDLE, and it is easy to use." using python.

Python IDLE IDE Hello World

The command is simple:- print("I am using IDLE, and it is easy to use")

You can declare a variable and print its output. The command will be x = print(x)

Here, x is the variable you will use to store the data and display the output using the print() function.

Python IDLE IDE Program

You can print anything infinite times if you want using a while loop.

The command will be:-

While true:
print("There are eight planets in our solar system")

Here, you are using a while true statement which means print this statement, and as you have not set a breakpoint, the code will continue to run for an infinite time, and you can cancel its execution using control c(CTRL + c).

How to make a Python file:-

Making a python file or a python code is very easy. You can do this using any text editor(like notepad) and have to save the file with a .py extension.

Open notepad and write your code and save it extension and. Right-click on the file and click edit with IDE and you will see this window.

Here you can edit your code.

After editing, click on the run option you see at the top, and your code will be executed.

Some merits of using python IDLE:-

  1. Using python IDLE is very easy, and it is basic.
  2. Python IDLE does not require any server or browser to run our code.
  3. Python IDLE has a built-in debugger.
  4. Python IDLE can be customised to our preferences.

Some demerits of using python IDLE:-

  1. It is not that advanced as compared to another python IDEs.
  2. When editing code, the things you are changing are not getting saved automatically in the Python file.
  3. When you create a file using Python IDLE, it can only be accessed from the same machine and not from any other device unless it is copied to the other machine.
  4. You can download python IDLE for Windows, Linux, and MacOx from the below link:-

    After going to this link, click on the downloads options and choose your platform.