Java Developer Kit (JDK)

JDK contains the basic tools and libraries required for Java program development. The tools available in JDK are:

  1. javac – the Java compiler that compiles source codes to byte codes.
  2. java – the Java interpreter that interprets the byte codes to execute.
  3. javadoc – the Java documentation generator in the HTML format from the source code
  4. jdb – the java debugger helps us to locate and fix bugs
  5. javap –a disassembler that displays the accessible functions and data in a compiled class file. It helps in getting the information of a class.
  6. javah – creates C header files that can be used in C programs or make C routines that can be called by Java programs. This allows C and Java program interactivity.
  7. appletviewer – a java interpreter that executes Java applets, used for debugging java applets during development

JDK can be downloaded from