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How to record your iPhone screen


Perhaps your iPhone is behaving oddly and you want to get a recording to show to a tech expert. Maybe you’re playing an iOS game and want to share your performance with friends or YouTube followers, or you might just be wondering whether you can surreptitiously capture some video that’s playing on your iPhone and save it.

If that sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial we explain how to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad so you can keep or share it.

Recording your screen is a good solution if you’re using the TV app on your iPhone and have found out that it no longer autoplays the next video. Here’s what to do if autoplaying next video on an iPhone is a problem.

How to video the screen of your iPhone in iOS 11

Screen recording is easiest if you’re running iOS 11 or later.

To enable screen recording in iOS 11, you first need to add the feature to your (now customisable) Control Centre:

  1. Open Settings and tap Control Centre > Customise Controls.
  2. Find ‘Screen Recording’ in the list and tap the + button beside it.
  3. Once added you can leave Control Centre.
  4. From now on, any time you swipe up from the bottom of the display to access the Control Centre, you will see the new Screen Recording button appear (it’s a circle with a dot inside it).
  5. Tap the recording icon to start the screen recording.
  6. Following a three-second countdown, everything on the screen will be recorded.
  7. While you are recording there will be a red bar at the top of the screen.
  8. When you’ve finished recording tap on the red bar (or if that doesn’t register, swipe up and then press the Record button in Control Centre again).
  9. Tap on Stop.
  10. Your screen Recording video will be saved in Photos where you can access and edit the video if you wish.
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How to record screen on an iPhone: Customise Control Centre

Note that for certain apps – such as FaceTime – this method won’t capture audio, just the video. For advice on getting round this, see How to record a FaceTime call on Mac & iPhone.

How to record videos on your iPhone

Thanks to the new screen recording feature in iOS 11 it is possible to make a copy of a video that’s playing on your iPhone or iPad.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open YouTube (or other video website).
  2. Find the video you wish to record.
  3. Get ready to start playing it in landscape.
  4. Swipe up on the Control Centre and tap on the Record botton as above. 
  5. Wait while the video plays and then stop the recording when it’s done.
  6. The video will be stored in Photos.

Remember that just because it’s easy to copy video this way, it doesn’t mean it’s ethical to do so. Please respect video makers’ copyright.  

How to record on iOS 10 or earlier

You can use QuickTime on your Mac to record the screen on your iPhone or iPad if you haven’t updated to iOS 11. Here’s how.

Open QuickTime on your Mac (read more about using QuickTime to record video on your Mac). Right-click on the QuickTime icon in the dock, or use the menu to choose New Movie Recording.

Plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac and make sure it’s a trusted device (tap trust on the device when prompted).

In QuickTime, click the small arrow to the right of the record button and select your iOS device. It should then be displayed onscreen, ready for you to start recording.

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If you’d like to edit together your best photos and videos, here’s how to edit a Home Movie in Memories. We also have a complete guide to using iMovie on the Mac to edit your iPhone video.

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