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Python Comparison Operators

Python Comparison operators compare the two operands on both sides. If the comparison is successful or equal, Boolean value True is returned. While the comparison fails, Boolean value False is returned.When comparing two numeric type operands, the trailing zeros after the decimal point are truncated; Read More

Python Arithmetic Operators

Python Arithmetic Operators perform the usual arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. In python, arithmetic operators are in three forms. Read More

PHP range() Function

The range() function returns an array of consecutive character values or integers between and including the two values that are passed as parameters. Read More

PHP array_change_key_case() Function

The array_change_key_case() function returns an array with all the keys converted from the lower or upper case. It returns FALSE if it is not an array. Read More

Python string count() method

The Python string count() returns the number of non-overlapping repetitions of a character or series of characters in the given string. Passing the parameters start and end to the method count(), part of the string is obtained to perform the count. Read More

Python string center() method

The Python string center() method returns a centre-justified new string based on a specified width. It allows the optional parameter to provide the padding characters to the left and right of the string. The space character is the default filler. Read More

Python String isalnum() method

The isalnum() method is used to check that all the characters of a non-empty string are alphanumeric and there is at least one character in the string. This method returns True if the given string only has alphanumeric characters and the length of the string is a minimum of one character. Read More

Python String capitalize() Method

The capitalize() method is used to make the first letter of a string capitalized and the rest characters in lowercase. The method does not change the original string; instead creates a copy of the string with the first character capitalized and the rest of all other characters lowercase. Read More

Python String split() Method

The split() method divides a string into a list of words using the optional delimiter string argument. You often want to split a string into a list to manipulate the content. Read More

Python lambda

The Lambda function can be defined as a function without a name. It is anonymous. It provides an easy and quick way to define small functions in Python. A lambda function can take any number of parameters but only have one expression. The single expression is evaluated and returned and can be used anywhere. Read More

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