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Java toString() Method

The Java toString() method represents Java objects as human-readable text. This function is not parameterized but requires an argument to operate. It takes an object regardless of its datatype, converts it into a string and returns the result in its place. When used on a null reference, this method returns a null value. Read More

Java Object and Class

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a paradigm shift from procedural programming like C. In C, the code is divided into functions, and the code acts on data. Data is passed from one function to the other and can be accessed and manipulated from any part of a program, whether small or large. Read More

Java Constructor

A Java constructor is a special method of a Java class. Its name is the same as the class name, and it has no return value of any type, not even void. The Java class constructor is automatically called when the object is created; no explicit call is required. Read More

Security in Java

The Internet is an open medium and, therefore, susceptible to security risks. Java technology, with its unique bytecode concept, is best suited for client/server applications over the internet/web and therefore needs protection against any malicious software (a.k.a virus) embedded within bytecode travelling to client machines over the net. This is even more dangerous for distributed systems because malicious software may spread around those systems as well. Read More

Java Developer Kit (JDK)

JDK contains the basic tools and libraries required for Java program development. The tools available in JDK are:

  1. javac – the Java compiler that compiles source codes to byte codes.
  2. java – the Java interpreter that interprets the byte codes to execute.
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Java Packages

The Java technology provides a rich suite of packages that helps in easy development. Following are some popular packages.

  1. java.applet - used to develop Java applets for use in web applications.
  2. java.awt - The Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) package is used to generate GUI for Windows applications in Java.
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Java Tutorial

Our Java tutorials cover all basic to advance Java topics in depth and detail. Our Java tutorials are very helpful to students and java developers. Java is an object-oriented programming language conceived and created by a group of engineers led by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. The green team of James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton started the development in 1991. Read More

PHP – File handling Operation

File handling is the most common operation that a web application can require. Files may be needed to save permanent or temporary data that may require processing by the application. PHP file handling is very user-friendly, which you might not find in other programming languages. A file is an ordered sequence of bytes stored on a computer hard disk, Memory drive, CD-ROM etc. Read More

Python String rindex() Method

The Python string rindex() method searches a given string object's substring backwards. It returns the max index number or position of the substring(occurs last) in the given string. It raises a ValueError If the substring does not exist in the subject string. Read More

Python String rfind() Method

The Python rfind() method searches the given string argument in the subject string and returns the max index position of the occurrence ( last occurance ) of the string within another string. Read More

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