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117 Questions & Answers [Salesforce Dumps] Salesforce Developer Certification Dumps – Salesforce Developer Dumps

Salesforce Developer Certification Dumps
  1. A developer creates a custom controller and custom Visualforce page by using the following code block.

public class myController{

public String myString;

public StrIng qetMyString() {

return ‘getnyString’;


public String getStringMethodl(){

return syString;


public String getStringMethod2(){

I if (MyStting ==null)


return myString;



<apex:page controller=”mycontroller”>

{!mystring}, {!stringmethod1},  {!stringmethod2},{!Mystring}


What does the user see when accessing the custom page/

  • , , Method2, Which statement about change set deployments is accurate?
  • getMyString, „
  • getMyString, Method2, getMyString ,
  • . , Method2, getMyString
  1. How can debug log filters setting be set?

Choose 2 ans

  1. The filters link by the monitored users name within the Web UI
  2. The log filters tab on a class or trigger detail page
  3. On the monitored user name
  4. The show more link on the debug log record
  5. A Developer needs to know if all tests currently pass in a salesforce environment

2 answers

  • Salesforce UI Apex Test Execution
  • Workbench Metadat Retrieval
  • ANT Migration Tool
  • Developer Console
  1. When Loading data into Organization, what can a developer do to match records to update existing records?

2 ans

  • Match the name field to a coloumn in the imported file
  • Match an external id text field to a column in the imported file
  • Match id field to a column in the imported file
  • Match an auto generated number field to a coloumn in the imported file


  1. A developer has the following query

Contact c = [Selectid, first name, lastname, call from contact where lastname=’Smith’];

What does query returns if there is no contact with lastname ‘Smith’

  • A contact with Empty values
  • A contact initialized to null
  • An empty list of contacts
  • AN error that no rows are found
  1. Which statement about change set deployments is accurate?
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3 ans

  • They can be used only between related organizations
  • They can be used to transfer contact records
  • They use an all or none deployment model
  • They require a deployment connection
  • They can be used to deploy custom setting data
  1. In the lightning component Framework, which resource can be used to fire the events?

2 ans

  • Third party web service code
  • Third party javascript code
  • Visualforce controller actions
  • Javascript controller actions
  1. What is the valid source and destination pair that can send or receive change sets?

2 ans

  • Sandbox to sandbox
  • Developer edition to sandbox
  • Developer edition to production
  • Sandbox to production
  1. A developer writes a SOQL query to find child records for a specific parent.

How many levels can be returned in a single query?

  • 5
  • 7
  • 1
  • 3


  1. How can a developer avoid a exceeding governor limits when using apex trigger?

2 ans

  1. By Performing DML transactions on list of objects
  2. By using the database class to handle Dml transations
  3. By using a helper classthat can be invoked from multiple triggers
  4. By using maps to hold data from query results
  5. A developer runs the following anonymous code block

List<account> acc = [select id from account limit10]

Del acc:

Database.empty recyclebin(acc);

System. Debug(limits.get[mls statements()+’, ‘Limits.getlimitDMLstatements());

  • 2,150
  • 150,11
  • 11,150
  • 150,2
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