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How to stop people from accessing my MacBook webcam


The threat of unwanted access to your webcam raises sufficient malaise to arrange for precaution. In 2013, research from John Hopkins University, reported by the Washington Post, exposed how MacBook and iMac webcams could be infiltrated without activating the LED indicator light.

Apple’s security measures force any program launching from its computers’ CPU to automatically trigger the webcam LED light if it needs camera access.The research paper revealed, however, that the chip inside the iSight camera, called the micro-controller, could be reprogrammed to prevent the LED light from turning on – which is how hackers and intelligence agencies can secretly see what you’re doing.

Though the study was published in 2013 and looked at MacBook and iMac models predating 2008, the authors of the paper said newer models could continue to be exploited in similar ways.

The easiest way to prevent access to your camera is, of course, to cover it with black tape or a sticky note. But if you want a more sophisticated solution, Parallels Toolbox’s Block Camera feature may what you need.

Parallels Toolbox is software that features an impressive roster of thirty-plus features aimed to improve productivity and workflow. Some of these tools allow screen capture and recording, video conversion, and downloading audio and video from the web.

You can try Parallels Toolbox for free for seven days. Otherwise, it costs €19, which is roughly £17 or US$22. Buy Parallels Toolbox here.

Parallels Toolbox’s Block Camera feature stops other apps from accessing and recording from your webcam in a couple quick steps.

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Once it is installed, it loads onto your Mac’s Menu Bar (you may need to restart). Click on the Toolbox icon to see the full library of tools. Under the Camera menu, simply choose Block Camera. You should see a notification that the tool is active and your camera is blocked.

How to stop access to webcam with Parallel Toolbox

When this feature is turned on, you will also see notifications when an app tries to access your camera. Parallels Toolbox prevents this from happening.

You can access the full Parallels Toolbox user guide here. It also has a Mute Microphone feature that similarly, prevents applications from listening to you.

Buy or try Parallels Toolbox here.

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