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How to download macOS Mojave wallpaper on Mac and iPhone


When Mojave, the new version of MacOS launches in the autumn, it will bring a collection of new desktop wallpapers that show a Mojave desert sand-dune as it changes throughout a 24-hour period. 

You don’t have to wait until Mojave launches, you can get the wallpapers now, either by downloading them from the link below, or by installing the Mojave beta (we show you how to get the Mojave beta here). 

How to get Mojave Wallpaper for Mac

You can download the Mojave Wallpaper and use it on your Mac (or even a PC if you really want to mess with people’s heads).

This Reddit poster has uploaded all the images that combine to make the Dynamic Desktop image of the sand dune that Apple is using to represent Mojave. It’s a 40MB file and you can download it here.

There are a total of 16 images of the same sand-dune in the folder, each one representing a different time of day.

If you would like to use one as your desktop wallpaper, follow the following instructions. It is also possible to create a Dynamic Desktop style effect, we’ll look at how to do that here.

  1. Download the images from the link above.
  2. Drag the folder of images to your desktop, or copy the whole folder to Photos. (You may need to unzip them).
  3. Right click on your Desktop and choose Change Desktop Background, this will take you to the Desktop & Screen Saver pane in System Preferences.
  4. Open a Finder window and drag and drop the folder of images onto the white space below Folders. Your Mojave folder will immediately appear here.
  5. Now you can either pick one image from the collection as your desktop image, or, and this is much more fun, you can create your own Dynamic Desktop, we’ll show you how here.
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How to get Mojave Wallpaper for iPhone

Want to use Apple’s sand-dune image on your iPhone too?

Once you have downloaded the images from the link above on your Mac you can AirDrop them to your iPhone, copy them to an iCloud folder, iMessage them to yourself, or just view them here (via the Imgur app), and download the one you like onto your iPhone.

  1. Now you have the image on your phone, go to Settings > Wallpaper.
  2. Choose a New Wallpaper
  3. All Photos
  4. And pick the photo you just added.
  5. It will place the desert shot in the centre of your iPhone, like this, but if you want to move it around, or scale it, you can just touch your screen and drag, or pinch in or out with two fingers until you are happy.

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